Abstracts. 5, 2010 year
Suminov V.M., Akilin V.I., Galkin V.I., Molchanov A.V., Gorozheev M.U. (e-mail: tppisula@mail.ru)

The independent device for express quality assurance of passenger lifts inhabited and office buildings

The created independent device can find wide application for express quality assurance of installation passenger and goods lifts, at carrying out of their certified tests and diagnostics of their condition.

Keywords: independent device, quality assurance, passenger lift.

Bylinkin A.A. (e-mail: vsk1950@mail.ru)
Signal controlling method in wire communications with the help of single-channel receiving equipment

The article is focused on synthesis and analysis of the algorithm of signal detection in wire lines with a priori known transmission factors on the background of external interference. Assessments of efficiency of the developed algorithm were received by means mathematical model-building and experimentally in vitro with application of single-channel receiving equipment.

Keywords: detection, signal, interference, wire lines.

Khizhnyakov Y.N., Yuazhakov A.A. (e-mail: luda@at.pstu.ac.ru)
Neuro-fuzzy control frequency of gas turbine engine

We consider the system of automatic frequency control of free turbine gas turbine engine, where the frequency controller adopted an adaptive fuzzy frequency regulator with the knowledge base provided by a block of neuro-fuzzy defuzzification performed on the basis of adaptive neurons.

Keywords: Brushless synchronous generator, free turbine, gas turbine engine, adaptive frequency regulator, linguistic variable, term-set, fazzifikator, defazzifikator.

Rylov S.A., Sofiev A.E. (e-mail: sergrlager@mail.ru)

Using of technology Virtual PC for developing computer-based simulators for training operators of technological processes

Conception of developing computer-based simulators is offers in this article. The basis of this conception is using of virtual ѻ technology. The general appointment and development of this technology are shown. The most widespread virtual pc for today and their manufacturers are resulted. Possible application of this technology at construction of computer-based simulators is described, advantages and lacks which are given by its application are resulted, shown an application example on a concrete example.

Keywords: mobile computer-based simulator, virtual PC, VMWare Workstation, Microsoft Virtual PC, Parallels Workstation, VirtualBox, Xen, Bochs.

Mustafaeva D.G. (e-mail: dzhamilya79@yandex.ru)

Management of processes in technological system at creation of converters

The considered are functional analysis of the technological system at algorithmic governing, the functional parameters and criteria of optimization when designing the converters.

Keywords: governing, designing, structure, modeling, algorithm.

Bolshakov D.A. (e-mail: bolhakovs@mail.ru)

Transformation of frequency of signals with discrete frequency-phase modulation without detection of modulating pressure

Features of processing of discrete frequency-phase modulation signals at reception of satellite telemetering information are considered. The scheme of the converter for work with the broadband signals containing phase manipulation is resulted.

Keywords: converter, frequency transformation, frequency-phase, modulation, telemetry data, signal reception, request signal, superheterodyne, broadband, redundancy, reliability enhancement, automatic frequency control, frequency detector, signal procession, receiving station, frequency shift, phase difference, noise attenuation, signal multiplication.

Kornilin D.V., Kudryavtsev I.A., Voronov A.F., Logvinov L.M. (e-mail: kornilin@mail.ru)

Investigation of dispersed phase parameters in aircraft hydraulic systems by inline CMOS matrix sensor

Described are the method and device for the investigation of dispersed phase parameters using CMOS matrix. In the article authors consider the advantages of the device with matrix photosensor in comparison with single photosensor. Discussed are analytical formula for particle size and concentration estimation if the particle is exposed above the pixel during the interval, less than required to cross the pixel. Described is the principle of image processing, that allows to get the information about particle shape.

Keywords: inline sensor, diagnosis of hydraulic systems, matrix photodetector, dispersed phase, size, concentration, particle shape.

Nikonenko V.A., Ermakov A.V., Studenok E.S. (e-mail: omsketalon@list.ru)

The problems in manufacture of platinum reference thermocouples and thermometers of resistance and way forward

Two problems in manufacture of platinum reference measuring instruments are covered in this article: the first is connected with quality preservation of the thermo-couple wire, the second with imperfection of existing normative base.
It is offered to regulate maximum permissible quantity of easily fusible impurities in metal of thermocouple wires, to raise their quality by introduction of the original technology combining averaging of their chemical compound with disperse hardening of metal.
Changes which are necessary for bringing at revision of the state standards regulating manufacture of thermocouple wire are discussed; it is offered to reconsider platinum marks in accordance with GOST 21007.

Keywords: reference thermocouples and thermometers of resistance, platinum mark, refinement from impurity, structure averaging, disperse hardening, harmonization of normative base.

Borissovsky V.Y. (e-mail: borisovsky@yahoo.com)

Modern techniques of laser processing of fused quartz. 2. Laser controlled thermocracking

ntroduced the features of laser controlled thermo cracking process of fused quartz. Presented results of the thermo elasticity problem calculation for laser controlled thermo cracking of fused quartz.

Keywords: laser technology, thermo elasticity problem, fused quartz, laser controlled thermo cracking.

Grivastov D., Kopaleva N., Cherepanov V. (e-mail: denis@sniim.nsk.ru)

Questions of metrological assurance of temperature sensors made of platinum and platinum-rhodium wire manufacturing

In paper three basic questions related with metrological assurance of temperature sensors made of platinum and platinum-rhodium wire manufacturing are considered. The questions are: practical use of wire W100 parameter, estimation of wire unheterogenity in thermo-emf, current definition of nominal state characteristic for type S thermoelectric transducer. Authors describe current state of affairs in area under consideration and offer ways of elimination of inconsistency in wire manufacturers and consumers standards. The paper in many respects based on results of Siberian State Institute for Metrology (Novosibirsk) and JSC Krastsvetmet (Krasnoyarsk) joint researches. The characteristics of methods and instruments recently used by JSC Krastsvetmet to control platinum and platinum-rhodium wire parameters are given. Its shown that reached reliability of the control is sufficient. The attention to possible necessity of redefining of nominal state characteristic for type S thermoelectric transducer is paid.

Keywords: temperature sensor, unheterogenity, platinum wires, and platinum-rhodium wires, nominal state characteristic of conversion.

Ahrytov A.A., Muhonkov A.B. (e-mail: ashryatov@rambler.ru)

How to measure temperature of LED crystals

The article deals with the method of measurement of thermal characteristics of a crystal of the light-emitting diode, based on dependence of electric parameters on temperature is considered. Installation for carrying out automatic measurements of crystal temperature of working light-emitting diodes is described. Results of measurements of dynamics of a warming up and cooling of crystals are resulted at various currents are given.

Keywords: a light-emitting diode, crystal temperature, temperature factor of pressure, dynamics of a warming up, thermal resistance.