Abstracts. 4, 2017 year
Zhdanov A. (e-mail: alezhd@mail.ru)

The effect of piezoelectric transducer`s transversal sensitivity on vibration measurement accuracy

The article gives an in- depth study of how the conventional piezoelectric transducers` transversal sensitivity can drastically reduce vibration measurement accuracy. Based on both theoretical analysis of sensitivity vectors` system and accuracy tech specs of industrial transducers, it has been shown that their transversal sensitivity`s influence is in fact greatly underestimated. Instead of normally declared several percent, the real measurement error can reach unacceptable values of up to several tens and hundreds. On top of that, due to the transversal sensitivity, the real transducer`s operation frequency response turns out to be much more narrow.
The formula for overall error estimation, which takes into account the influence of transversal sensitivity and its resonance, vibration spectrum and vector projections` balance, is proposed. Eventually, the paper draws attention to a new method of electronic transversal sensitivity error elimination, which solves the majority of the problems discussed, and provides effective instrument for improving the metrological features of conventional vibration transducers and creating new ones with free sensitivity vectors` basis. Besides, it enables transducers` regular recalibration, maintaining their transversal sensitivity at almost zero.

Keywords: transversal sensitivity, piezoelectric transducer, vibration measurement, sensitivity vectors, accuracy, error, frequency response, error elimination.

Ayupov K.S., Bakhadirxanov M.K., Iliev X.M., Mavlonov G.X., Tachilin S.A. (e-mail: q.auypov@tdtu.uz)

Multi-functional sensor of physical units on the basis of silicon with nanostructures of manganese atoms

It was found that silicon with manganese atoms nanoclusters in the negative magnetoresistance condition at room temperature has unique characteristics, i.e. the value of negative magnetoresistance depends significantly on almost all kinds of external influences. For the first time, the authors observed the effect of quenching of negative magnetoresistance by infrared light that allows designing a fundamentally novel class of infrared photo-detectors and develop new scientific area called IR- spintronics. A multi-functional sensor of physical values on the basis of silicon with nanostructures of manganese atoms capable of measuring the temperature, intensity of the incident radiation and magnetic field strength simultaneously was developed.

Keywords: nanocluster, negative magnetoresistance, value, magnetic field, IR-spintronics.

Sleptsov V.V., Shmeleva A.G., Galemina E.A. (e-mail: vsleptsov@gmail.com)

Adjustable speed drives stand development in order to determine its' technical characteristics

The article is about a stand block diagram being used to identify the adjustable speed drives technical characteristics. The main task of the stand is to simulate various mechanical loads and to study performance characteristics. There are several algorithms for system operating parameters evaluation. Obtained data allows to evaluate the electric parameters quality and variable energy loss in the electric motor.

Keywords: power, speed range, frequency bandwidth, non-uniformity coefficient.

Sychev V.V., Voinova D.L. (e-mail: viktorsychev@list.ru)

Investigation of the properties of deposits in the purification system of the optical module of the moisture meter of crude oil

The value of the moisture content of the oil produced in greatly affect the cost of its extraction, collection and preparation for transportation. These costs can reach 50 % or more of the total cost of oil.
The article describes a new method and means for measuring the moisture content of petroleum products, comprising a device for dispensing a reagent for cleaning an optical sensor. A formula is proposed for determining the sensor flushing time. The presented method and device for measuring moisture content can be successfully used in modern oil quality measurement systems.

Keywords: the moisture content of oil, oil quality indicators, the optical sensor.

Kamardin A.P., Gladkikh V.A., Odintsov S.L., Fedorov V.A. (e-mail: kap136@iao.ru)

VOLNA-4M-ST meteorological acoustic Doppler radar

The design and operating principle of the VOLNA-4M-ST meteorological acoustic radar (sodar) are described. The sodar serves for measurement of the wind velocity field in the atmospheric boundary layer. A distinctive feature of the VOLNA-4M-ST sodar is the capability of measuring the structure characteristic of temperature pulsations in real time. The operation in several modes provides for the flexible use of the VOLNA-4M-ST sodar for current problems and in different noise situations.

Keywords: atmosphere, wind, sounding, sodar, turbulence.

Klyuev V.V., Matveev V.I. Artemiev B.V. (e-mail: boris@artemiev.su)


The article gives a brief description of the equipment presented at the Expo Control exhibition held in February-March 2017 on the territory of the Expocentre exhibition center in Moscow. More than 80 world manufacturers of instruments and equipment from Germany, Switzerland, the USA, Japan and Russia took part in the exhibition. Within the framework of the 9th specialized exhibition of instruments and means for quality control, measurement and testing, a number of open seminars were held: "Metrology, geometric control and linear-angular measurements, Digitization of parts with resolution up to 10 nm. Reverse engineering or full control of the geometry of complex parts, Complex high-precision control of the geometry of shafts, rotors, valves and other bodies of revolution. Dozens of parameters per minute.

Keywords: exhibition, participants, vibrodiagnostics, advanced solutions, integrated systems, NDT technologies, measurements.