Abstracts. 4, 2010
Shilin A.N., Petrov S.A. (e-mail: eltech@vstu.ru)

High-speed scanning digital optoelectronic system

Engineering solution implementing performance rising of scanning system structural method was suggested. Spatial coordinates of component being measured profile are evaluated according to time coordinates of optoelectronic converter output signal intersection with comparators trigger levels, at that the performance of such device only depends on comparators actuation time.

Keywords: optoelectronic scanning system, multilevel comparator, time-pulse measuring device, microcontroller.

Chapkevich A.A., Belyankin R.V., Guschin P.A Vinokurov V.A., Chapkevich A.L. (e-mail: chapkevich@mail.ru)
Selectivity electrofluctuative silicon sensors on an example of alcans measures

The influence of vapours of octane and geptan was investigated at various concentration and temperatures of the sensor on the shape of the spectrums of equilibrium electrical signals generated by gas sensitive layer during adsorption process.
The relation of the spectra received at changeable gas loading and without it was analyzed was considered. It has been established that at observable relative spectra there are stable frequencies, typical for interaction of analit-substances with gas sensetive semiconductor layer.
The offered method will be perspective for application in case of need carrying out of the analysis of two- and more-componental gas mixes.

Keywords: electrofluctuative silicon nanosensor, electrofluctuative spectrometry, electrofluctuative gas analyser, flicker-noise gas sensor, gas-sensitive layer, adsorption, desorption.

Farrakhov R.G. (e-mail: frg1982@mail.ru)
The mathematical model of the temperature optical converter with the optical fiber

The mathematical model of the temperature optical converter with the optical fiber is described. It enables to reveal, investigate the basic characteristics of the device and to offer ways of their improvement on design stages.

Keywords: the mathematical model, temperature optical converter, optical fiber.

Sharov A.A. (e-mail: sasa.66@mail.ru)

Astigmatism instrumental error correction in multi-component optical systems of imaging and measuring devices

A systemic concept of astigmatism correction process in optical systems is presented. Optimization capability of a correction process in the case of zero information about astigmatism of optical system surfaces is clearly demonstrated.

Keywords: optical system, astigmatism, image quality, wave front.

Mokrova N.V. (e-mail: natali_vm@mail.ru)

Synthesis of flexible management systems of complex technological process

The synthesized complex technological system of manufacturing of activated coals is capable to rebuild the obtainment of new marks of products, to use the new raw materials or to produce the new technological processes with the minimum expenses of resources with the condition of diversified production of variable assortment. Hierarchical modular scheme is mobile reconstructing chemical technology system, uniting functions of control and regulation of technological parameters, management the sequence of operations and interaction of technological stages.

Keywords: flexible management system, coal raw materials, activation, variable assortment, interaction of stages.

Smolyakov A.P. (e-mail: garvad@mail.ru)

Data transmission improvement of quality in the distributed is information-measuring systems of the security alarm system and the notification

In article data transmission questions in information-measuring systems of the security alarm system and the notification are considered.
It is shown that modern security systems of the alarm system and the notification are difficult systems which, in a general view, belong to the class of the distributed information-measuring systems.
It is established that by means of such systems, in most cases, it is impossible to transfer disturbing messages on the occupied telephone lines, or it is necessary to use additional modulation therefore existing lines connection become complicated.
The technical decision is presented, allowing to provide signalling disturbing messages on such systems without infringement of the general schedule of functioning of system and cardinal alteration of existing communication channels.

Keywords: data transmission, information-measuring systems, the security alarm system, the notification, the occupied telephone lines, signals disturbing messages, communication channels.

Shagarov S.S., Zubakin I.A., Fahmi S.S. (e-mail: Shagarovss@mail.ru)

Adaptive algorithms of encoding of the video data

Two ways of generation and encoding of the reference points based on a pyramidal-recursive method of splitting are considered. The algorithm of encoding and restoration of images on the basis of a triangulation of reference points is offered. Quantitative estimations of results of modeling of algorithms are resulted.

Keywords: the pyramidal-recursive method, reference points, range.

Shepetov A.G. (e-mail: av108410@comtv.ru)

The concept of active duration of transient

Lacks of a traditional estimation of duration of transient are analyzed. On the basis of the energy approach the concept of active duration of transient is entered. The dependence of proposed evaluations from the parameters of dynamic system is investigated.

Keywords: duration of transient, dynamic characteristics, dynamic system, optimization.

Tirtichny A.A. (e-mail: alekseyguap@mail.ru)

Analysis of Autooscillation Micromechanical Gyroscope Characteristics

Therere a short constructive description of a micromechanical self-oscillating gyroscope with optoelectronic position sensors and magnetoelectric drivers in this paper. Also there are a description of this gyroscope dynamics using method of harmonic linearization and two types of its analytical solution getting. The first type is equations of dynamics solving and the second one is using of Nyquist criterion. Moreover, gyroscope dynamics was researched using modeling in software environment Simulink. The analysis of micromechanical self-oscillatory gyroscope characteristics show, that this gyroscope has low threshold of sensitivity (0,01 /s) and fine dynamic characteristics (readiness time < 0,1 s) as well.

Keywords: micromechanics, autooscillation, gyroscope, optoelectronic position sensor, magnetoelectric driver, dynamics, analytical solution.

Kartsev I.S. (e-mail: kartsev@centro.ru)

Methods of space instrumentation components protection from accidental self-detaching

Standard and special methods of static connection components protection from accidental self-detaching in space equipment construction are considered in this paper. Recommendations for choosing constructive solutions are presented.

Keywords: space, equipment, instrument making, constructive solutions, stopping methods.

Korshakov. A.V., Litvinova A.V., Shaternikov S.V. (e-mail: korshakov_av@mail.ru)

Contours reconstruction of complex structure and form objects images

This paper describes objects contours reconstruction methods from source video- and/or thermo- images. Such objects must be categorized as objects with complex form and structure. The possibility of correct reconstruction of lost or artifact-polluted during video recording objects contour regions are shown.

Keywords: adaptive signal processing, neural networks, images analysis, image reconstruction.

Zhalbekov I.M., Krymsky V.G. (e-mail: nths@mail.ru)

Mathematical models of semiconducting resistive gas microsensors and their application

The paper contains an overview of the approaches to developing the mathematical models of resistive gas microsensors made on the basis of semiconductors. There are presented the conclusions brought from comparative analysis of investigations in this area. The published information on comparison of model - based computation results and experimental data is also considered.

Keywords: resistive gas microsensors, semiconductors, models.