Abstracts. 3, 2017 year
Velt I.D., Mikhailova Yu. (e-mail: agydel@gmail.com)

Trends of development of electromagnetic flowmeters of general industrial purpose

The following trends in the development of electromagnetic flow meters of general industrial use are discussed: expanding the scope of application by improving the design, increasing the composition of the nomenclature of electrical insulation materials for lining and electrode materials; increasing the accuracy and reliability of measurements, by applying a new microprocessor element base, improving software and algorithms for processing measurement information; reducing the cost of the flowmeter by using technical solutions that facilitate the automation of production, the introduction of new technologies and unoccupied production; improved design and development of advertising.
Questions are considered: nature of electromagnetic interference, ways to eliminate or reduce their effect on the result of flow measurement; technical solutions for optimizing the design of primary converters of electromagnetic flowmeters; structure of the algorithm for processing information from flowmeters; analysis of measurement results under transient hydrodynamic conditions corresponding to Reynolds numbers from 2000 to 10000.

Keywords: electromagnetic flowmeter, magnetic field, volumetric flow, ionic conductivity, inductor, interference spectrum.

Tatarkin S.A., Shashkin M.A., Nizovtsev S.I., Kirpichev A.A., Shkatov P.N. (e-mail: petr_shkatov@mail.ru)

Investigation of nonlinear microdynamic properties of soil and their use for improving reliability and efficiency of inspection of buildings and monitoring of geotechnical operations under special geological conditions of St. Petersburg

This article describes experimental results of applying the hardware-software complex Georeconstruction GlobalTest that uses processing of signals of microseismic transillumination of the objects for inspecting the buildings and monitoring in accordance with GOST 31937-2011, using dynamic parameters.

Keywords: nonlinear soil properties, microseism, parametric resonance, dynamic parameters, seismic recorders.

Trukhachev I.M. (e-mail: ivan.truhachev@yandex.ru)

Prerequisites and ways of creation of vacuum tubes mathematical models for modeling of their work in electronic schemes

The article deals with the existing and perspective directions of application of vacuum tubes. The main advantages of vacuum tubes in front of semiconductor devices are described. Various approaches to creation of vacuum tubes mathematical models for modeling of their work as a part of electronic schemes are presented. The model of the ELV 4/40 is created, comparing of characteristics of the model and the real device is given.

Keywords: vacuum tubes, mathematical model, volt-ampere characteristic.

Ivanov V.E., Chye En Un (e-mail: chye@ais.khstu.ru)

Universal preprocessing modules for signal registration systems

The article considers the universal modules are pre-processing of signals with variable user structure, designed for building multi-channel information-measuring systems of the automation of the experiment, including the study of flicker noise. The article describes the structure of the base module, to perform the operation impedance matching, low-pass filtering and pre-amplification signals. Variable structure of the module allows you to perform the measurement channel adaptation to the required task.

Keywords: information-measuring systems, preprocessing, filtering, switched capacitor device, elliptic filter, flicker noise.

Kondrat'ev E.M. (e-mail: ekon@rambler.ru)

Modern equipment for polishing of semiconductor plates

The modern equipment for polishing of semiconductor plates is considered. To clamp plates on the single-sided polishing can be used electrostatic chucking in place vacuum chucking.

Keywords: equipment, polishing, semiconductor plates, electrostatic chucking.

Kondratenko V.S., Isai I.A. (e-mail: vsk1950@mail.ru)

Development of new technology of laser deposition of optical grids and scales

The work is dedicated to the development of new technologies of laser deposition of optical grids and scales. Proposed two new technology of high-precision scales and grids in a variety of optical devices based on the method of laser controlled thermocracking (LCT) and laser scribing.

Keywords: optical grids; laser controlled thermocracking (LCT); scribing, UV-Laser, optical glass.

Safiullin A.A., Gatiyatullin I.R., Pogodin M.V., Khabibullin N.I. (e-mail: saf.art@mail.ru)

Evaluation of the applicability of the different methods of calculating the compressibility factor of natural gas

Comparison of different methods for calculating factor of natural gas compressibility. The calculation of the relative deviation of the natural gas compressibility factor values calculated for each method, from the average value calculated by 6 methods for various pressures and temperatures.

Keywords: compressibility factor, natural gas.