Abstracts. 3, 2010
Cvetkov E.I. (e-mail: er-cvetkov@mail.ru)

Identification of objects (generalised measurements)

On the basis of the known theory of scales the description of object's identification procedures (generalised measurements on the basis of name's scale), submissions of object's identification errors and procedures of the metrological analysis of object's identification results are concretised.

Keywords: generalised measurements, identification, a scale, an object, the name, an error, the metrological analysis.

Barinov I.N., Volkov V.S. (e-mail: mzungu@inbox.ru)
Long-term stability increase of the high temperature semiconductor pressure sensors

The causes of sensor elements long-term drift initiations are analyzed. The long-term drift reduction methods are proposed. The pressure sensor element construction on the base of SOI-structure with high-resistance strain gauges is showed.

Keywords: semiconductor sensor long-term stability, internal defects, SOI-structure, high-resistance silicon.

Zelenskiy V.A., Shaternikov S.V. (e-mail: vl.z@mail.ru)
Optimization method of sequential fiber-optical sensor parameters

The point at issue is optimization of sequential fiber-optic converter parameter for measuring-information and control systems. This task works out by numeric method using Hook-Jeeves modified algorithm. In this case, converter characteristic extreme close in linear one in accordance with Kolmogorov criterion.

Keywords: fiber-optic sensor, information measuring and control system, Huck-Jeevs method, Kolmogorov criterion.

Rylov S.A., Sofiev A.E., Tarakanov Y.V. (e-mail: sergrlager@mail.ru)

Development of the mobile computer simulator for training operators of technological processes

The problem of using computer-based simulators for training of operators-technologists was considered in this article. The principle of construction of such simulators was described, preferences mobile computer-based simulators were shown. Principle of construction of computer-based simulators for ASCTP (Automation Systems for Control Technological Processes) in which is used SCDADA, system Intouch and controllers, programmed on ISAGRAF language were considered. Structure of computer-based simulators and components of simulator and their interaction between each other was described. Possibility of using those developments for program imitation of other controllers which are programmed not only on ISaGRAF was shown.

Keywords: mobile computer-based simulator, Isagraf, program imitation of controllers, OPC DA, SCADA, Intouch.

Kluev S.V. (e-mail: petr_shkatov@mail.ru)

Research of processes of electromagnetic interaction with volume defects at com-bined eddy-current and magnetic inspection

Processes of interaction with superficial and subsurface volume defects the combined eddy-current and magnetic inspections are considered. Eddy-current and magnetic processes of interaction are modeled by a finite element method. Volume defects are simulated by bore re-cesses on the external and back parties of a plate. The basic interrelations of registered signals with conditions of the control and parameters of controllable object are investigated.

Keywords: magnetic inspection, eddy-current inspection, combined eddy-current and magnetic inspection, nondestructive testing, corrosion.

Kovalev I.V., Losev V.V. (e-mail: kovalev.fsu@mail.ru)

Reengeneering of information equipment for enterprises integrated control systems

The paper considers the main algorithms of GRID-system functioning used as the architectural platform for the deployment in distributed automated control systems of specialized OLTP-oriented software for data management to distribute the transactional load among multiple nodes.

Keywords: automated control system, algorithm, interface, transaction data processing.

Shkatov P.N., Kulikov S.S. (e-mail: petr_shkatov@mail.ru)

Estimation of a technical condition light alloy drill pipes of improved dependability in the course of their field operation

In article are presented results of research by on estimation of a technical condition light alloy drill pipes of improved dependability in the course of their field operation by eddy-current method.

Keywords: eddy-current inspection, nondestructive testing, drill pipe, corrosion, crack.

Borikov V.N. (e-mail: borikov@camsam.tpu.ru)

Computer-aided calculation of electrical and design parameters of coaxial shunts in LabVIEW professional development system

The computing method of electrical and design parameters of coaxial shunt is described. Its software model in LabVIEW professional development system is given.

Keywords: coaxial shunt, calculation of electrical and design parameters, LabVIEW.

Borissovsky V.Y. (e-mail: borisovsky@yahoo.com)

Modern techniques of laser processing of fused quartz. Laser deep penetration welding

Introduced of the based modern techniques laser processing of fused quartz. Presented mathematical model of the deep penetration welding of fused quartz and experimental data of the processing.

Keywords: laser technology, thermal conductivity problem, fused quartz, deep penetration procedure.

Kartsev I.S., Goncharov G.V., Goncharov K.G. (e-mail: kartsev@centro.ru)

Machining of components for special instrument making industry

Special equipment creation has a number of engineering design peculiarities in comparison with the mass consumption devices. Some questions about the machining of components for up-to-date radiation monitoring systems are presented in this paper. The suggested solutions are based on the collaboration experience of innovative engineering companies with manufacturing ones.

Keywords: manufacture, achining, equipment, instrument making.

Gorlov M.I., Smirnov D.J., Tikhonov R.M. (e-mail: dmitry.inf@mail.ru)

Comparison of technology of hermetic sealing of integrated circuits at various factories

In work the way of comparison of technology of hermetic sealing of integrated circuits at the various factories, based on the control of low-frequency noise or gauges of a moisture before and after boiled water is stated.

Keywords: integrated circuits, gauges, noise, humidity, crystal, cases, hermetic sealing.

Velt I.D. (e-mail: vellt@rol.ru)

Simulation modelling application at checking of electromagnetic flowmeters

The various procedures of simulation, which are using at primary and subsequent check of electromagnetic flowmeters, are considered.

Keywords: electromagnetic flowmeter, fluid flow, volume-flow, mag-netic field, simulation model.