Abstracts. № 2, 2016 year
Krivov A.S. (e-mail: mapip@bk.ru)

The unity of measurement as a concept and system (the possibilities of metrological legislation improving)

Based on the analysis of the limitations of legislation and the content of the recently adopted international documents it is proposed a new interpretation of the concept of unity of measurements: instead of the implementation of mandatory requirements for measurement accuracy go to the metrological traceability of measurement results. The corresponding redistribution of regulated objects between the legislation on Metrology and Technical regulation will contribute to the solution of some problematic issues and reduce the scope of state regulation in the field of ensuring the unity of measurements to the minimum necessary level.

Keywords: measurement, traceability, measurement assurance, legislation, metrological traceability, measurement standard, measurement tool, measurement methods, calibration, calibration.

Migranov V.M., Gaysin A. (e-mail: migranow@yandex.ru)

Setting of minimal dose of oil and oil products for metering operations in vertical tanks

The Dependence relationship of minimal dose for accepted and transferred products when carrying out a metering operation in vertical tanks is presented.

Keywords: products mass, products weight, level, error.

Bobkova K.A., Golubev A.M., Akilin V.I. (e-mail: kira.galich@yandex.ru)

Application of spline-functions to the algorithms compensate for temperature sensor accuracy inertial navigation systems

This paper gives a brief description of the structure of strapdown inertial navigation system of the new generation, the algorithm of compensation of temperature errors of its sensitive elements. In order to improve the accuracy of the compensation method used spline functions. The effectiveness of the method is illustrated by the experimental data. Finally, the main conclusions are gives.

Keywords: navigation, inertial navigation system, INS, error, temperature error, gyroscope, accelerometer, approximation, algorithm of compensation.

Dayev Zh.A. (e-mail: zhand@yandex.ru)

Model of the combined automated measuring system for pulsating flow rate and amount of substance

The paper considers the model of conversion function for flow measuring system and its structure, which allows taking into account the effect of fluctuations caused by unsteady flow regime substance in the pipeline. This analysis taking into account the nature of the flow pulsations are the methods of accounting for flow systems, makes recommendations for their use.

Keywords: flow rate, quantity, pressure drop, flow meters, pulsations.

Komshin A., Obukhov I., Syritsky A. (e-mail: kozyr.ru@mail.ru)

About possibility of systematic error estimation of measurement devices by measurement results processing

The results allowing to get systematic error estimations of phasechronometric systems, i. e. statistical average estimation based on independent experiments, are described. Systematic error estimation of measurement device in a form of average of N discrete independent experiments array is given.

Keywords: measurement assurance, measurement, systematic error, phasechronometry, error, measurement device.

Proskuryakov R.M., Rodionova D.A. (e-mail: mining@live.ru)

Density, temperature and viscosity of crude oil relationship as the base for servo-system development

The problem of measurement instrument for oil plant as for light crude oils as for heavy crude oils – measurement of density, viscosity and temperature. Crude oil is developed as integrated complicated system, which need accurate analysis of physicochemical characteristics, that are high dynamical, have random time behavior. Inefficiency of measurement density, viscosity and temperature in laboratory is explained. Interrelation of given parameters is measured and mathematical description is given, graph of interrelation is shown. In article general principle of work of two bridges vernier circuit for physicochemical characteristics on pipeline is described, which explains actuality of solution.

Keywords: crude oil, density, viscosity, temperature, turbine, two bridges measurement circuit.

Akilin V.I., Denisov S.Y., Smirnov A.A., Anikeychev V.S. (e-mail: tppisula@mail.ru)

Stabilisation of output parameters of precision accelerometers used in inertial navigation systems

The technique of controlling the output parameters of precision pendulum quarts accelerometers using a workstation, and the method of their technological study after assembly, allowing in a serial production of these devices to achieve a significant stabilization of values of technical parameters from run to run and thus increase their accuracy in beplatformennoy part of an inertial navigation system.

Keywords: the accelerometer, the accuracy of the output parameters.

Pirog V.P., Kuznecov B.F., Nosenko L.F. (e-mail: mail@okba.ru)

Research of dynamic characteristics coulometric hygrometer

This paper describes a method for improving the dynamic characteristics of coulometric hygrometers, the results of the research.

Keywords: dynamic characteristics, coulometric hygrometer.

Chernichenko A.V. (e-mail: chernichenko_av@krsk.irgups.ru)

Research methods nanostructures Ni-Ge: Magnetic properties and interface

The magnetic properties and the morphology of the film structures of Ni-Ge, depending on the thickness of the layers. It has been found that films of Ni-Ge interface formed approximately the same composition throughout its depth. The temperature dependence of magnetization is different for the two processes FC and ZFC. At low temperatures there is an asymmetry of the hysteresis loop and its displacement along the axis of the magnetic field.

Keywords: physics of surfaces, thin films.

Imangulova L.R., Leontyev M.Y., Vitkovskiy O.S. (e-mail: M.Y.Leontyev@vniim.ru)

The state secondary measurement standard of the unit of pressure for an area of overpressure in the range of 0,04 to 60 MPa

The article describes the state secondary measurement standard of the unit of pressure in the range of 0,04 to 60 MPa, which were approved in 2009. The consist, operating principle of the state secondary measurement standard, and metrological characteristics of the pressure standard are considered in the article.

Keywords: state secondary standard of pressure, measuring piston system, standard deviation, measurement range, collation.

Khaydarov A.R., Gaynullin I.K., Sladovskiy A.G. (e-mail: alfar98001@mail.ru)

Research of metrological characteristics of density «Sarasota FD 950»

The results of metrological research firm densitometers Sarasota, model FD 950, in various ranges of temperature and pressure.

Keywords: measurement, density, density meter, the metrological characteristics.