Abstracts. 2, 2010
Busurin V.I., Stock K.V., Zvey Ney Zo (e-mail: vibusurin@mega.ru)

Pressure and force transducers based on optical tunnel effect

This article contemplates the pressure and force transducers based on optical tunnel effect which provide more reliable information (e. g. about the pressure in combustion chambers of engines). The mathematical model using wave properties of optical radiation has been developed. Simulation results are presented.

Keywords: transducer, pressure, force, optical tunnel effect, prism, membrane, reflectivity.

Yurakov A.Y., Kalachev A.V. (e-mail: forther@yandex.ru)
S40C18 processor based computing unit

This article describe computing unit based on S40C18 (SEAforth40) many core scalable array processor. Unit can be used in distributed computing systems of various topologies. The main unit applications are high performance real time embedded systems. The paper presents unit structure, its main features, realizable distributed systems topology.

Keywords: scalable array architecture, power efficiency, embedded system, real time systems, SEAforth40, computing module, reconfigurable systems.

Mitskevich A.A. (e-mail: ami-energo@mail.ru)
Proportional dosing device of reagents for water systems

Most municipal boiler used raw water without any water treatment. For this reason, on the inner walls of pipes is formed a layer of salt deposits, which reduces the technical and economic performance of boilers, their damage. High level of salt deposits occurs on the internal surfaces of water heating heat-exchanger for HTW in the central heat point during their operation without periodic flushing. A method and device (the latter received a patent) of dosing of the reagent is proposed to ensure the cessation of new salt deposits and the gradual elimination of old deposits. The development provides continuous monitoring of pressure in the pipeline, which is dosage, as well as limiting the maximum time between the introduction of regular doses of the reagent.

Keywords: chelating agent, dosing of reagent, water treatment, dosing pump, thermal point, proportional dosing, HTW.

Alekseev V.V., Orlova N.V. (e-mail: VVAlekseyev@mail.ru)

IMS state control of natural object. Traceability support by environmental impact assessment on basis of control measurings

Consideration the questions of complex estimations receipt by measurement results of different physical quantities. Suggested the algorithm of normalize scale receipt taking into account metrological performance of measuring means and methods.

Keywords: information measuring system, measurement data, normalized estimate, traceability.

Vishnyakova I.L., Udin R.I., Ansheles V.R. (e-mail: chear@rambler.ru)

System analysis and management process in steel enterprises

Steel enterprises may be considered as a complex or large diversified system, which include technological processes and operations, techniques, people and their economical relationships. Using the method of system analysis allows to decide on material balance, physics-chemical syntheses , calculation of costs using half-made product of the other main enterprise in one economical mathematical model and observe economical effect of the invest project of realization a new technology of getting protective nitrogen-hydrogen atmosphere for thermal metallurgical wire processes.

Keywords: system analysis, management, process, steel enterprises.

Savkova E.N., Dalidovitch K.N. (e-mail: evgeniya-savkova@yandex.ru)

An automated system of cargo traffic management based on process approach

The article proposes a system of material flows management for enterprises of various scale. It concerns industrial production and service rendering enterprises which carry out material flows management. The system has module structure and based on process approach. An automation of the process of planning and control of different processes, sequences and blocks interaction, provides high flexibility and increased efficiency of management by the means of monitoring, resources reallocation and lowering costs. A generalized algorithm of process network description is suggested basing on IDEF0 functional simulation methodology.

Keywords: logistic system, material flows, process, functional model, operational planning, classification, identification, process algorithm.

Gukov D.M., Molchanova I.V. (e-mail: gukov-dm@yandex.ru)

Instrument complex for the biogas control on dumps solid waste

In work the analysis of use of biogas on dumps is carried out, the device of systems of decontamination is described. Results of experimental researches of biogas on a dump of Torbeevo are resulted. The instrument complex for the biogas control on dumps is described.

Keywords: a waste, biogas, methane, an instrument complex.

Sleptsov V.V., Zernii Yu.V., Ageev P.S., Shahova Yu.N. (e-mail: zerni_uv@mail.ru)

Probabilistic analysis of the stability of complicated technological machines

In the paper the probabilistic method of analysis of nonlinear systems proposed by authors is considered which allows evaluating the stability of functioning of complicated technological machines in a sufficiently simple way.

Keywords: analysis of the stability; complicated technological machines.

Shilin V.A. (e-mail: viktorshilin@yandex.ru)

The evaluation of real dynamic range of metering station based on electromagnetic flow-meter

In this article gives the evaluation of real dynamic range, measured by electromagnetic flowmeter with permissible relative inaccuracy of measurements.

Keywords: electromagnetic flowmeter, dynamic range, inaccuracy of measurements.

Shilin V.A. (e-mail: viktorshilin@yandex.ru)

The evaluation of two methods of inaccuracy of mass flow meter measurements

In this article compare two methods of inaccuracy of Coriolis mass flow meter measurements: with various constituent parts of inaccuracy of measurements and max constituent parts of inaccuracy of measurements.

Keywords: coriolis mass flow meter, dynamic range, inaccuracy of measurements.

saulenko N.V. (e-mail: atp@astu.org)

Calculation method for an infra-low frequency drilling fluid pressure gauge

The Calculation method for an infra-low frequency drilling fluid pressure gauge is described. Due to the limited space in a well, geometrical properties of a new measuring device, based on a mechanical occilating system balance-spiral were found. The calculation results of a primary pressure gauge are listed. It is shown, that technical properties of a gauge match with the ones in the well, and are correlated with the properties of a wireless electrical transmission channel between the well and the surface.

Keywords: pressure, drilling fluid, balance, spiral, sprocket, pipe spring, transmission channel, actuating system, measuring system. frequency, real-time control, infra-low frequency, method.

Pervukhin B.S. (e-mail: loki1803@mail.ru)
Multiple purpose conductometric analyses of technological solutions

Of is observed that wide range conductometers with three independent channels: a channel of measurering electric conductivity; a channel of measuring temperature; a channel of reducing measured values into concentration of binary solutions are more perspective for use as conductometric analyses of binary solutions. Methods of channel calibration of wide range conductometers KS-1M and KL-S are also presented in the paper.

Keywords: conductometer, channel of measuring, calibration.

Shtennikov V.N. (e-mail: shtennikov@uemz.ru)
Some features of the contact and laser soldering

The contact soldering has the big application now. The laser soldering has application prospects. Thus, maintenance of demanded modes of the laser soldering and contact soldering of electronic devices is of great importance.

Keywords: the device, assemblage, a laser soldering, a contact soldering, quality.