Abstracts. № 1, 2010 год
Menschikov V.A., Yampolsky D.A. (e-mail: vam@avitec.ru)

The requirements of industrial enterprises to modern railway scales

The article lists the requirements for modern railway scales for weighing in motion. The problems of weighing accuracy increasing for various designs of weighing units are considered. Identification of vehicles and car numbers optical recognition during the automatic weighing in motion is highlighted. The problems of using legislatively controlled software, data and parameters in weight equipment for the division of responsibility between the producer and consumer of the scales are described.

Keywords: railway scales, weighing in motion.

Busurin V.I., Grohovskiy S.S. (e-mail: vibusurin@mega.ru)
Piezoresonance quartz differential tenzotransducer

This article contemplates the piezoresonance quartz tenzotransducer, using differential schematics and being a product of the new successful technology. The mathematical model has been developed and main parameters of the tenzotransducer are defined. The results of natural simulation are presented and the advantages of the new technology are discussed.

Keywords: tenzotransducer, piezoresonsnce, quartz, force, transfer function, parameters, errors.

Latyshenko K.P., Pervuhin B.S., Fateev D.E. (e-mail: defateev@mail.ru)
Modelling transformer conductometers with much coil

In clause are considered transformer conductometers, mathematical models of static char-acteristics, sensitivity are received. The comparative analysis of metrological characteristics is lead and recommendations are given at designing and a choice transformer conductometers.

Keywords: transformer conductometers, measurements, errors, sensitivity, measurement schemes.

Gindin P.D. (e-mail: vsk1950@mail.ru)
The new equipment for cutting of materials by a method laser controlled thermocracking

The work is devoted to development of a series of the equipment for precise cutting of various materials of instrument making, microelectronics and optoelectronics by a method laser controlled thermocracking (LCT), received recently wide circulation and recognition all over the world.

Keywords: laser controlled thermocracking; glass; sapphire; silicon.